I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few weeks pondering and plotting if and what this blog would look like. I was always pretty sure it would have a lot to do with all 3 my boys (read 2 boys and a husband) so I naturally spent hours mulling over baby pics and memories of the last 8 years of our lives.

It used to be that we were only two and had been that way for such a long time that when I first realised Joshua was on the way, I think I had my first “not so mild” panic attack. I see so many cute stories of how mom’s revealed to their partners that they were expecting, so much planning, so much tact….Me? Not so much…It was a Friday, that I’m sure of, I had grabbed a couple of pregnancy tests on the way home  with the full expectation that I was being paranoid and not in fact expecting. If I had tact, if I had not freaked out, I probably would have sent some cute message as a clue or at least played out the conversation in my head and guided it to the punch line. Instead, what the poor man got on walking in and literally asking me how my day was, “I’m pregnant!” And not a giddy, doing the dance of joy in the house kind of “I’m pregnant,” but rather a shock stricken, blotchy faced one! Talk about being blind sighted, but he took it in his stride and along came Joshua. Fast forward through the next couple years (more later) and in a very similar fashion, I find out I’m pregnant with Liam. You would think I’ve had some time to ponder alternative scenarios to the last big reveal and prepare for it, but alas, I will put it down to perpetual lack of sleep and rampant hormones and the poor man was floored again! This time, I’d had a few hours head start on him and just before he arrived it dawned on me that while I had happily decided we were ready for a sibling I had not actually thought this through and teleportation had not in fact been invented yet and yes I would actually need to go through delivery again! Suffice it to say, when he did get home, I was in no state for an Instagram perfect reveal and botched it up AGAIN.

But then, considering us and our relationship, I don’t think anything else would ever have worked. We are not the centre spread couple, we do not do flowery and sugary sweet anything (except dessert, I’ll do sugary dessert) so we kind of stumbled into this parenthood thing pretty much the same way we stumbled into everything in else in our lives thus far…head first but fuss free. I anticipate this blog may end up being much the same…


Posted by:Paula Medronho

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