Last week I thought I had this school run thing sorted. Last week I knew where the shoes were!

We’ve had a weekend of early mornings, none of those by choice I assure you. Our youngest decided that pre-5 AM wake-up were the way to go and he cannot be awake on his own so naturally this translated into Ninjago re-enactments in the lounge under the guise of “Karate Practise”.

I am a firm believer of silver linings so chose to focus on the fact that this week’s morning rituals would not include me running around after Liam to lestwejudgeget him out of bed. I was correct. I got to
run around after the vanishing school shoes! To be honest, the apartment is small, really small and with seriously limited hiding spaces, and yet, I spent 30 minutes this morning looking for a pair of black, size 9 school shoes (I only know this because a friend of mine was appalled that I did not know my kids’ shoes size and so I memorised them!) and still sent him to school in sneakers. I can hear my mother tsk-ing in the back ground that I should have looked for these shoes last night already, in preparation for the school week, and she’d be right, but in my defence I did iron the week’s school uniforms in advance! That counts right?

Morale of the story? None really, except please don’t judge me or mine today based on the fact that my son is in non-school sanctioned shoes this morning, its been one of those mornings.

P.S. I did eventually find his shoes….on the third shelf in the cupboard tucked between his winter clothes stash!

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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