As with most of our discoveries anywhere it all started with breakfast. That seems to be as far as we are able to plan when it comes to weekend adventures! I’m not sure entirely how we ended up in Galleria Mall on al Wasl road but it may have been with the promise of South African familiarity that steered us to Tasha’s (well worth a visit by the way!).

However it happened, the copious amounts of caffeine (parental only)  inspired an exploration of the Adventure Zone in the centre and we enjoyed every second of it. My over protective self may have had to book a trip to the salon the following morning to cover the newly sprouted grey hairs but the boys in the family were all suitable impressed.

Adventure Zone is a branch of the ever popular Adventure HQ which is many families’ go  destination for outdoor equipment. There are three  outlets split between Abu Dhabi (Dalma Mall)  and Dubai (Times Square & Galleria Mall), with each having its own combination of facilities. The Galleria branch is well suited to the younger LiamWithHarnesstroupe and so was perfect for us. The low ropes course and fun themed climbing walls were perfect for them to test their mental and physical boundaries while burning off some energy. J has recently decided he has a fear of heights so the climbing walls took some coaxing and encouragement but once he developed the trust relationship with his harness he was good to go!

All kiddies are suited up with helmets and safety harnesses which are double and triple checked. I would recommend you go about 10 – 15 minutes before your session starts to give the kids enough time to watch (and re-watch) the safety video.

In our view, prices are very reasonable (we paid AED100 for an hour) and if you have the Entertainer Family book your second tot will get in free. There are all day and membership passes though perhaps at one of the larger outlets as I can’t see my two spending an entire day in there. There is a great coffee shop on the premises for drinks and snacks so a great location for a playdate during the hotter summer months. They will also do birthday parties in the same price range as most indoor play areas or soft play areas so worth a look if you’re planning your child’s birthday party in Dubai or the capital.


Posted by:Paula Medronho

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