Liam being put through his #SuperKid paces

The boys have passed the lack of sleep stage (though I’m not sure 5 years is considered a stage anymore) so it really should be plain sailing until girls start to feature right? Haha…why do I keep thinking that?! They have a new trick up their sleeve and their aim is to morph into the SUPERKID.

Superkid doesn’t have to go to bed, brush his teeth or do homework. He’s a true role-model….if you’re a boy…. and under 10…and far too busy for such mundane matters. This paladin of playtime has an impressive repertoire of superpowers honed to perfection through this new tag team tactic they have discovered. I suspect that in the wee hours of the morning there are ComicCons happening in the War Room where strategies are compared and missions are planned days in advance. The result is that our parenting defences are in shambles, disorganised and scattered. We the proverbial scoundrels are most definitely on the back foot.

Or rather, we will be, when their evil ploys are not so simple to diffuse and the attempted manipulations not quite so vitreous. It worries me that my future self is in no way ready for that phase of parenthood when consequences are bigger than an ice cream dropped on the floor or a grazed knee and elbow.

Joshua's rendition of Superkid
Poison Man is one of Joshua’s latest creations, super powers include flying, shooting fire and poison.

So I have entered my own training plan, one where I watch and learn from them. Where I marvel (no pun intended) at the mechanics of their minds and the manner in which they assemble the pieces of the puzzle in their own unique way. They are actively solving the problem of the overbearing parents and are throwing all their resources at it. They are practising existing abilities and spawning new ones at every turn. I’m hoping that by observing the genesis of Superkid and understanding the developmental process, I will be better equipped to go up against him in the future!

Super-Kid training gear is available at Superhero Kids and if you mention us you’ll even snag a small discount!

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