Kiddies Cafe

We don’t generally do play dates on weekdays simply because the boys either have homework, after school activities or the thought of a soft play area and all the noise and chaos that goes with it is generally too overwhelming for the boys (read the mother), but we conceded this week because it involved good friends and checking out Kiddies Cafe which was new to us and on the radar for future playdates with our DSAHM Meetup group.

We went on a Monday early afternoon which meant that it was still reasonably empty which is a good thing as it is not very big so I can imagine that it would not be as comfortable if you invite your entire neighbourhood. That being said it is a little gem in Jumeirah Lake Towers and they have been so creative with the use of the space. If you are meeting someone there and intend on driving, get their a bit earlier than intended as parking in either JLT Cluster Y or X can be a nightmare, so grab an extra dose of patience for the up t0 20 minute wait for an open slot. Better yet, grab the metro and take a walk/scooter over instead.

Kiddies Cafe is divided into 3 main areas for the kids to play; a 3 level play area for climbing, sliding and general acrobatics, a village area complete with a supermarket, garage and double-storey house and a general purpose room with a craft area and TV. J and & L made full use of all three and with the trained staff on hand it can be quite relaxing for moms too. All the facilities were spotless and the staff were amazing, even managing to console a crying Liam which is impressive (Mr Grumpy is not easily consoled and even less so in the afternoon after a full day at school). I can definitely recommend the coffee and if you can steer your kids past the soft drinks and giant lollies there are some healthier snack and drinks options available to them.

Village Play area at Kiddies Cafe

Entrance will cost you AED45 per child per hour (this is the maximum rate, members will receive discounts based on their membership tiers), additional hours are charged at AED25 per child so foreseeably you could get away with a two-hour playdate and snack for under AED100 per child which is not unreasonable. This is also a feasible option for a party venue in the summer months!


Kiddies Cafe is based in Cluster Y in the Lake Shore Tower, the closest parking (free for 3 hours) is in Cluster Y or Cluster X (will require a 2 minute walk). The closest metro station is Damac Properties which is about a 10 minute brisk walk away.

For more info on packages etc. you can have a look at their website

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