Hi, my name is Paula and I haven’t travelled on my own for 7 years until😳 4 days now, finally and it was weird! Here is what I discovered o4-daygetaway….

1. I can pack for an overseas trip and come in under 12 kg. This includes packing formal clothing for a wedding, a hair straightener, 3 pairs of shoes and a laptop. I could have opted for hand luggage if it weren’t for my inability to part with all my LAG contraband (liquid, aerosols and gas)!2. Economy class seats are massive! If you don’t have two kids, their pillows, stuffed toys, bottles, iPads, chargers and random toys to stash! Seriously, who needs business class!

3. Three hours at the airport actually goes by rather quickly when you are not trying to entertain two monkeys who have been sleep deprived so that they pass out the minute you set foot in the plane. There is barely enough time for a decent cup of HOT (I know a luxury) coffee and a waltz through duty-free (which we normally avoid so as not to add to the toy haul we already have as hand luggage).

4. Every single seating zone will board before you do, because of course there is no longer the luxury of boarding with First Class passengers if you’re a pleb with no kids!

5. If you time it correctly and choose wisely, you can slot in 3 movies on an 8 hour trip! No Peppa Pig is required, you don’t have to choose based on age restriction because there are no prying eyes and you do not have to waste precious time cutting up food, playing games or hunting for dropped items on the floor! That’s 3 adult appropriate, un-animated, non-musical movies in one sitting. That alone was worth the entire trip, next time I could easily skip the 4 days and just book a return flight to catch up on the latest box office releases.

6.  I’d forgotten how much fun it is to go out with friends, have some wine and not wince with each glass deciding if it will be worth it in the morning.

7. Seven years of sleep training have made it impossible for me to sleep later than 7 am and if you’re suddenly in South Africa that means waking up at 5am in the middle of winter. Not cool but I have to wonder why sleep training never worked this well on them?

8. Hotel breakfasts are boring when you are not dodging flying bread rolls, mopping up spilt OJ or hunting for WiFi.

9. King-sized beds are just too big to sleep in comfortably on your own and 4 pillows are just over kill.

10. Trips on your own are both exhilarating and heart-breaking and there are few things better than arriving back in your own home with your own clan and hearing, “Mommy we missed you!”

So that is why I am now avidly planning my next solo voyage 😂

Mummy Times Two
Posted by:Paula Medronho

8 replies on “Things I learnt from traveling solo.

  1. I loved reading this post so much. My last trip alone was five years ago and I remember having very similar thoughts. Those plus the thought that you have the luxury of a full suitcase to yourself, rather than being crammed into the usual quarter of a case with everything your child needs in the other three quarters. That said I totally agree and wonderful as child free travel is on many levels there is nothing like coming home to their snuggles. Thank you so much for linking this brilliant post up to #PostsFromTheHeart

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  2. It’s funny isn’t it how much we long to get away but when we do miss the little devils like crazy! I’ve got a training course coming up in London next month and I’m so excited to get a bed to myself for the whole night and a hot cup of coffee on the train! Ah it’s the little things these days…. #PostsFromTheHeart

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