The first thing I bought for Joshua when I found out I was pregnant was a set of Dr Seuss books, probably because I was convinced he would pop out with this genetically programmed love for reading and have learnt to do so in the 9-odd months he was just floating around. I think one out of two isn’t too bad 🙂

J at six month old reading
At 6 months old, this was his favourite!

Fast forward a few years, he still enjoys reading and the ability has caught up to the desire.

So to say that we are a family of readers borders on an understatement. Our apartment is bursting at the seams with books, but that did not stop us from trying out Kitabox when we first heard about it! We received the Summer box which is basically 3 months worth of subscription bundled up into one box. This works out well for us as we won’t be in Dubai the entire Summer and so do not have to worry about delivery schedules. Added bonus is that we now have reading material sorted for the holidays!

Subscriptions can be customised based on language preference (English only, Arabic only or an English/Arabic combo) as well as age group. For Joshua, we selected the Globe-Trotter subscription which is targeted for children aged 6 – 8, but don’t feel limited to the age groups as he is enjoying the Adventurer box (aimed at 4 – 6 year olds that we picked for Liam) just as much.

Kitabox activity booklet
Each month’s activity booklet includes a mixture of colouring, drawing, crosswords, mazes and other themed activities.

The boxes for younger kids require more parental input and guidance so for us, the Explorer box works for when we read together such as bedtime, while the Globe-Trotter is perfect for when Joshua is looking for a quiet time activity that he can do independently. There are four age categories in total, covering children from two years old through to 10 years old, so will cover most of your reading requirements!

Kitabox contents
Explorer (2 – 4 yr olds) and Sailor (8 – 10 yr olds) Kitabox contents for Summer editions.

Each box also includes a newsletter, introducing the theme for the month and a blurb about the book selection, as well as a small surprise for your kiddie (the Summer box surprise is a fun BFG sticker and activity book)!

Each box has stunning newsletter full of fn facts and an age-appropriate book journal for your child to document their year’s literary journey.

Whether you are looking for fun ways to introduce your child to reading or an innovative way to bolster your child’s bookshelf, Kitabox provides a simple, cost-effective way to do it. The book selections in both boxes were well thought out and of great quality. Boxes can be delivered via courier or to your child’s school (check out their partner options for your school) and based on the reaction of mine, there will be tons of excitement when they see their box!

For more information on pricing, delivery and getting your school on board, visit


Posted by:Paula Medronho

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