There’s a new play area in town and just in time for Summer!

So yet again, we’ve decided to keep the monkeys out of Summer camp this year. I’m not sure whether it’s because i’m not convinced they aren’t ready for it or merely because i’m not ready for it! Either way, we’re in this together and the creative hats need to go on because not one of us does well sitting around at home!

Activity 1 for the holidays was to explore the new play area in Times Square Mall called Kidz Palooza. With Joshua nearing the ripe old age of 7, he’s at this weird in between phase where soft play areas and the run of the mill kiddie play areas appeal to him less and less and with Liam only being 4, the other scale of entertainment doesn’t really work for him yet. We were quite excited then to find out if Kidz Palooza, which prides itself in being a place for the whole family, would work for us.

Kidz Palooza is the newest Dubai Indoor Entertainment facility looking to cater to children ages 1 through to 12 and boasts 7 different playzones  – Joshua made a bee-line for the Arcade area (no judging allowed)!

Boys at arcade zone in Kidz Palooza
Bean bags and Playstations – the equivalent of Utopia for Joshua!

With a little bit of coaxing though, the video games were soon forgotten and they began to enjoy all the facilities on offer!

Dress up area at Kdz Palooza
Hands down their favourite area was the “Actor’s Entrance Only” zone where they can pick and choose outfits and accessories – Liam was a Spider Pirate, cause yes, that’s a thing!
Block Factory at Kidz Palooza
The “Block Factory” has an amazing selection of blocks for both tinies and not so tinies to build free standing structures or latch them on to tables or walls! Very cool if you’re a fan of all things Lego!
Art Gallery Area at Kidz Palooza
The “Art Gallery Area” is complete with painting materials, play dough, colouring and crafting supplies for your little artists!
Toddler Town in Kidz Palooza
Can you tell the little ones enjoyed the “Toddler Town Area”? Great for kids under 3 and nicely cordoned off from the bigger children.

Not pictured, are the soft play area complete with slides and obstacle course, as well as the “Market” area. This was a favourite with all the kiddies there (hence no photos)! Kids can load up all sorts of “food” into their teenie tiny trolleys and proceed to the “check-out” to ring up and pay for their shopping. Seriously, adorable!

Moms have not been left out of the mix, there is a cute little cafe with quite a few healthy food options for the whole bunch…and coffee! Lavazza coffee, so it promises to be good (we went during Ramadan so the coffee shop area was closed, but will post an update once we’ve sampled it). You can even pop in to the Spa for mommy manicures, pedicures and treatments (or mini-me mani’s for little madams).


So pretty much you could spend an entire day in this place if you choose to make use of all the options so we would suggest one of their membership options!


Kidz Palooza is located on the 1st Floor of the Times Square Mall and is open to visitors daily from 9.00 til 22.00. You can get a hold of them via their website or visit them on Facebook.

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