Splash N Party
It is incredibly difficult to keep the excitement at bay when this is what they see walking in!

Most days I wish I had an endless brood of kids, no school/work/life responsibilities and a beautifully gilded, limitless credit card (that does not require payment) to make the most of all the amazing attractions and activities for Dubai! But alas…we’ll tick them off slowly but surely…

Last week we got invited to try out Splash N Party, a kids’ water park tucked away in Al Safa 2. This has been on our list since they first opened as both my monkeys are water babies but not independent swimmers yet. The idea of them being able to safely make the most of a water park was appealing to us…mostly because it means it can be just as relaxing for mums and dads as it is fun for the kiddies!

We spent a good couple of hours of our Friday morning and there were ample tears when it was time to leave which means they must have had fun right? So what’s on offer?

  • Mini-splash area

This spot has no slides or deep water so perfect for tinier tots that may be crawling. There are various water features that spray and splash so even our older kids (hah, when did 4 and 7 become old) enjoy dashing through.


  • Main splash area

Here the kids need to be more water confident, but not necessarily swimmers yet. They can climb, slide and wade around the obstacle course – in the case of my two, for hours! Honestly – not even bribery with ice cream worked and that ALWAYS works!

It’s a smorgasbord of slides and stairs and splashing water!
  • Themed party areas

This is probably the biggest attraction for many at Splash N Party at the moment. They have several themed party areas complete with amazing decorations to suit your chosen themes. Joshua’s favourite was the pirates – obviously! A great addition to the party packages and day out in general are the great crew that are responsible for the live entertainment. Seriously, these guys and gals do it all, from singing and dancing to magic tricks and transforming into real life mermaids!


The live entertainment had everyone jostling and jiving!
  • A cafe

Many a times we’ve seen the parent cafe but never been able to make the most of it because…well…you know kids happen! This time around they were so distracted with having a blast that we got to enjoy some great drinks and just chilled out for a bit. They boys did pit-stop for a bit to refuel and can vouch for the pizza kid’s meal which comes with juice/water and fries (it was very generous and neither of mine managed to finish it)!

Lunch time loot for weary boys!

All in, it was an amazing day out with fun for the entire family (I reckon hubby and I were the only parents not in bathing suits)! Kids are vigilantly watched by several life guards who double up as water pistol shooters!

Be prepared to give in to one of the many treats available. The Splish Splash ice-creams went down really well at the end of the day!

Entrance starts at AED100 per child during the week (one adult entry per child is free) and climbs up to AED140 over the weekends. It gets quite busy, so book your slot online to avoid disappointed little ones – slots are available 7 days a week from 9 am through till closing at 8pm. If you like it as much as we do, it’s well worth considering an unlimited monthly / annual package (AED499/AED999).

For information on their various birthday packages, it’s best to refer to their website directly (www.splashnparty.ae) or to contact them +971 4388 3008.

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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