I’ve always really enjoyed baking, it was a weekend tradition at home from a fairly young age, that come Saturday afternoon, I’d bake a chocolate cake which would promptly get devoured hot out the over. As I grew up, my kitchens improved and I slowly expanded my repertoire – that is until we moved to Dubai. We came with only clothes and the boys’ Lego & Hot Wheels collection – you know, priorities and all that 🙂 . While I’m thrilled that we got rid of all the clutter, it has sadly meant that I’ve done a lot less baking over the last couple of years. I’m hoping that BAKE ‘N CAKE will be the start of a move back to kitchen.

Bake N Cake box contents
In love with the cute containers and labels in each of the boxes!

We recently signed up for a 3 month BAKE ‘N CAKE subscription and while it has not panned out (pun intended) in the idyllic way I had intended it, with me and the boys baking and bonding and all that, it has been so much fun that I intend on extending my subscription.

Bake 'N Cake Box
Eager beavers could not stay away from the box complete with “Snow”!

Our latest masterpiece has been the December X-Mas cookies box. We whipped (all these cooking puns are getting much) them up literally the day the box was delivered. I envisioned baking and decorating our own X-Mas cookies and lovingly decorating our tree with our creations. And then I remembered my CDO (that’s the extreme version of OCD that rears its head when doing anything crafty with 2 small boys) and I promptly chased them out of the kitchen waving a spatula and whisk. More’s the pity though, because it really is such a simple recipe and perfect for doing with the kids, but I really could not watch Joshua weigh out 150 grams of butter 10 grams at a time – twice, because he zeroed the scale half-way. Instead, the boys watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and coloured in the cute Christmas colouring pages included in the box and the house began to smell like Christmas and Martha Stewart would have been proud. Once all the baking was done, they did thoroughly enjoy decorating the cookies though and that I could mostly make peace with the mess and random topping placement.

Plate full of delicious goodies including personalised cookies 🙂

All in all, I’m really proud of us, we did manage decorating the tree albeit with only 1 decoration because the cookie monsters were protesting that if we hung them all up there would be none left to eat! Word of advice though – do not attach your Elf on the Shelf to the cookie unless you have a husband with extreme hearing to pick him up during the night when he falls off.

At least one made it onto the tree albeit for a very brief time!

If you’re considering a BAKE ‘N CAKE subscription (and even if you haven’t thought of it before), take the step. Subscriptions start from as little as AED 110 per month and that includes your Themed Box delivered to your door, all the dry non-perishable ingredients, detailed instruction leaflet, a mystery treat and a couple of activity pages to keep the littles entertained while the treat bakes. Our 3 boxes included a Cake Pop box and Spider Cupcakes which were perfect for Halloween and the X-Mas cookies for this month (you can also order this month’s box a stand alone option for some festive baking with the kids).

To get a hold of the team at Bake ‘N Cake:

Website: http://www.webakencake.com

Email: info@webakencake.com

Mobile: 0528953192 (Saskia)


Posted by:Paula Medronho

4 replies on “Baking Up A Storm with Bake ‘N Cake

  1. What a great idea and such an cool reminder every month to get kids in the kitchen. We also arrived with a suitcase each so I appreciate how it takes time to decide on what your really need to add to the kitchen.

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