It’s been a busy week with a new year kicking off, school starting and being a single mom for a few days. It was a good week to take time to stop and smell the coffee!

  1. Remember I said that I was bitten by the brush lettering bug? Well, I’ve spent the last week immersed in beautiful designs – not mine mind you (though the boys still insist they are gorgeous) but all over Instagram! My personal favorites at the moment are sas_colors_life (cause she is a mum of 6 and still find time to make things pretty); Jelligun and fionaariva. All that colour and prettiness is enough to boost my happiness right up!
  2. The kids went back to school…..I’m sorry, do I need to write more? Ok, no, really…they went back to school  which means I actually had some time to browse the Instagram profiles I mentioned and stock up on supplies. But the best part – it’s the start of our first full term at their new school and they were so happy to go! There were no tears, no negotiations, just two happy boys!
  3. The weather is so blissfully cool and misty in the morning which has given the flora of Dubai a much-needed reprieve! Everywhere you look you’ll find gorgeous blooms and lush green leaves that normally dull over summer. The city looks pretty amazing at the moment and we’re using every opportunity to make the most of it!
  4. One of the hardest parts of becoming an Expat was having to create a new circle of friends and forming your second “village”. I’m happy that I’ve managed to do that and have filled that circle with such a wide array of personalities and opinions that constantly challenge me to think and see things in a new light.
  5. I’ve survived 7 years of parenthood – pretty chuffed with that I must admit. I’ve made it through traumatic labours, colicky babies, perfect sleepers, stitches and staples and ER’s. I’ve gotten past being stuck at home for days at a time because I was too nervous/depressed/anxious to leave the house with a baby. Diapers are a thing of the past, no traces of dummies or bottles – we do still have Tigger though 🙂 There were ups and downs and somehow we’ve all made it relatively intact to a point where I’ve actually ventured out with the boys for a playdate on a school night and it was not horrible! Here’s to the next 7!

High5 & Happiness Cover copy.png

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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