It’s has been a tough week and I’ve been hard pressed to find these 5 positives which I suppose is the point after all right? High-Fives and Happiness is all about stopping and deliberately focusing on the positive vibes!

The motto for the week is a quote by Emily Dickinson, “Dwell in possibility.”

  1. I’ve signed up for a mobile photography workshop and am super excited to attend! I’ve mostly ditched my bulky camera simply because it’s just way too heavy and carrying it along with kids and toys and and and just wasn’t going to happen. Unfortunately I seem to be pretty shoddy at pointing and shooting with my phone! So when Priyanka from @OneGeekOfAParent shared an upcoming course with me, I took it at one of those not so subtle signs from the universe and signed up. If you’re interested, the course is an Introduction To Photography presented by Gulf Photography Plus and runs on the 25th January 2017.
  2. I survived week one of Boot Camp! If you remember – that was one of my “Non-New Years’ Resolutions” that I discussed in Hello 2017! and I was kind of petrified I would end up dying. I didn’t 🙂 I did however thoroughly enjoy the sessions including the 9am on a Friday morning one.
  3. And on the topic of Boot Camp – that was happiness number 3. Saw the cutest bunny on the pitch while waiting for the session to start and laughed so hard when all the moms in the group (me included) began discussing how much their kiddies would love to see the bunny. All in that stereotypical “Mom” voice! We’re all suckers for our little ones aren’t we?
  4. The monkeys are almost done with an entire term at The Little Gym Dubai and as of yet not a single complaint you guys! Honestly, they have a shoddy track record of wanting to try something out and losing interest within a couple of weeks. What follows are many lessons of moaning, tears, bribes and all around unhappiness. This is the only thing I have ever signed them up for that they are head over heels (pun intended) in love with. It’s amazing seeing how they are able to do movements that they couldn’t do a few weeks ago and the team there is so good with them that it mostly makes up for having to spend 3 hours in a mall on a Saturday.
  5. The little monkey has officially had 2 weeks of no “oopsies” as he puts it at night! That is a huge one for me because up until now we have tried everything very unsuccessfully and he really isn’t a baby or even a toddler anymore so my stress levels were up and I guess his were too. Please don’t ask however how we achieved this – I wish I had some wisdom to share with you. This is all him, he seems to have made some decision in his very stubborn and determined mind and has just stopped. He describes it as putting up a wall (has he been keeping abreast of US politics I wonder).  An invincible (his word), impenetrable (my word) wall and the pee knows to stay away. I ask no more questions and am just grateful the wall is there.

High5 & Happiness Square.png

Posted by:Paula Medronho

6 replies on “High Fives & Happiness: Dwell in possibilities.

  1. What a great post to write and I love the name. Looking forward to hearing about the mobile photography workshop. So true isn’t it, bulky cameras take such terrific shots but phones are what we carry in our hand the majority of the time!

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