We’re still happily iPad free in our house and pretty proud of ourselves. Ok, well, the parentals are proud of themselves, the kids are tenacious and have been asking, negotiating, tantrumming – pretty much every trick in the book to establish when they can get them back. At the moment, never, but we try to break that to them in a more gentle manner 🙂 That however is a story on its own.

Limiting screen time as dramatically as we have done, it means I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep them entertained, especially when we’re out and about and would traditionally have reached for the electronic device to keep the peace. Next time you spot an exhausted looking mom in jeans and a red Bookish.ae bag, that’s me! The bag is full of books (duh), stationery supplies and activities for the kids. New to our activity bag is a fantastic activity book called I Spy Dubai – Bugs and  Birds and the boys have enjoyed it so much I thought I would share the find with you!


I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds is the first in a new series of field guides and activity books to keep the kiddies busy having fun and learning simultaneously. The book was created by Stacey Sudlow (with lovely illustrations by Amalia Kartika) after she became something of a subject matter expert in the field in order to satisfy her daughter’s curiosity. Talk about #momgoals right? Stacey has put together a lovely book filled with illustrations, amazing colour photos and fun facts about all the most common birds and bugs in the UAE, including how and where to spot them. The activities in the book include bird watching, colouring in different birds, searching for and counting various bug species and creating your own graphs to describe your observed data. Stacey used to work as a geophysicist so you can see where some of the scientific method inspiration has come from.


Both my monkeys are curious kids by nature (I guess as are all kids) and with two boys in the house, bugs are about as pertinent a topic in our home as flatulence and the iPads they no longer have 🙂 This book was so well received by them! I had originally assumed that Joshua would enjoy it the most as he is at a stage where he thoroughly enjoys devouring facts about pretty much everything and can read the text independently. However, Liam has found as many activities to keep him busy. He is less particular about bugs crawling on him than his brother so seems to be the one to carry out the experiments, while Joshua does the data capturing and interpretation. They make a very good research pair. We’ve had hours of fun enjoying the books and the boys are now continuously pointing out and naming birds and all sorts of creepy crawlies which is what I love the most about this idea. So many people automatically assume that the areas around us are devoid of life, but if you take a couple of moments and know where to start looking, you’ll find that’s not the case at all!


The books are available directly from Stacey, you can reach her via her via the I Spy Dubai Facebook page or at one of the local Dubai Markets. The books sell for AED 85 which includes a pair of foldable binoculars and a magnifying glass and seriously, these two “accessories” created as much of a stir as the book itself!


We’ve been so taken by these books, that I’ve grabbed an extra copy to give away to one lucky reader!


For a chance to win your own copy of I Spy Dubai – Bugs & Birds please follow the steps below:

  • Follow and_then_there_were_2 on Instagram
  • Like the post, comment with the hashtag #ISpyDubaiGiveaway and tag 2 friends you think would enjoy this prize.
  • For an extra chance to win, follow and then there were 2 on Facebook!

Please note: The winner must reside in the UAE!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to @mom2boysindubai on winning the prize!


Posted by:Paula Medronho

11 replies on “Review: I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds

  1. Oh I have a mad ‘bug boy’ in our house too, we always seem to have a jar with some type of creature inside that he is studying. What would you say is the appropriate age group?

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    1. Depends how much you want to be hands on? Liam is 5 and able to read a bit so requires a fair amount of help to explain the activities etc. Joshua is 7 and can read independently so is able to go through everything on his own. I.e. Joshua spends time reading and learning facts, Liam spends time hunting bugs and bird spotting. Works well for them together.

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