“I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener!” How amazing is this? I wish more people would adopt this philosophy. Life, parenting, health and everything in between is an individual journey. It’s not a race, it’s not a competition regardless of whether or not social media makes you feel and think that it is. It is your personal mission. There isn’t a target or assessment criteria and unfortunately no-one is going to give you a badge at the end of it for a job well done. It is YOUR journey which you can choose to enjoy …or not. So no, I’m not looking at your grass, I’m not fazed by its colour, its length or its lushness…too busy with mine!

  1. Week 4 of boot camp done and dusted. That’s two-thirds of the way through the New Year’s Resolution Challenge and I have not injured myself, though I reckon I’ve definitely made a fool of myself once or twice including the day we had a tug of war game at the end of class #winningteam!
  2. We don’t normally do playdates/reviews on a week day unless it’s school holidays because generally the boys are tired and one is bound to get super cranky and morph into rabid, mom eating monsters. This week, we braved two afterschool events! Monday we spent the afternoon at Cloud 7 in Level Kids – if you have not yet been, please do make an effort. I’ll post on the blog soon to give you the ins and outs but it is a breath of fresh air amongst all the soft play areas around. The boys got to create so many goodies and had a seriously fun afternoon. The rabid monster did not make an appearance.
  3. We had the most amazing time at our second weekday event. Master Minds Nursery and My Little Painter hosted an event launching their Sea World art activity kit and art classes which you may have caught on my InstaStories. The boys played along smashingly well for a change and I was only really mortified once when Joshua helped himself to a very heaped pile of pastries at the start of the Story Time! The rabid monster threatened a couple of times, but remained absent.
  4. One more week until my Dad lands in Dubai! Yes, I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl but aren’t we all? Yay – one more boy in the house but should make for a fun mid-term break. Pretty clueless as to what we’re actually going to do though so suggestions are welcome.
  5. How amazing was the chilly weather of the weekend! I managed to wear a couple of outfits that generally only see the light of day when we’re in SA for their Winter. All the rain and wind caused a lot of excitement in our house, the boys seem to have forgotten all about the amazingly violent Highveld storms we would experience in South Africa #expatkids.

High5 & Happiness Square.jpg

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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