One thing that the UAE is not short of, is indoor spots to keep the kids entertained which makes sense considering how many of the summer months outdoor play is not an option. There are constantly new locales being launched but while all are generally good fun, they are mostly much of the same. In the last while two have stood out for me, the first is Orange Wheels in Abu Dhabi which opened up last year (read more about it here) and the second was Cloud 7 which we visited recently.

Cloud 7 is located on the second floor of Level Kids, City Walk 2. If you have been to Level Kids you will most probably agree that it is a thing of beauty in itself. From Fairytale inspired staff uniforms to the magnificent displays and design, you can easily get lost in here. You’ll also understand why I got stopped by security because of my “professional” camera. Haha…I wish I felt as professional as my camera looks 🙂 But let’s not digress!

The concept behind Cloud 7 is simple, it aims to be the ultimate creative, educational and fun experience for kids and they certainly tick all the boxes in our opinion! The venue is comprised of four different areas. We began at the Creative Stations, of which there are 4 options namely Soap Making, Candle Making, Cake Decorating and Ceramics Painting.

We began with Candle Making from an efficiency point of view so that the end product would be set and ready to take home when we were done having fun. There are so many options for the kids to customise their candles including different wax colours, mould shapes, essential oil scents and shaped wax pieces to decorate. Our house still smells of the serene Lily scent that Liam picked for his. The activity is perfectly safe for kids, including those like Joshua who want to be very hands on and can’t help but to poke around and the ladies are always mindful of what the little ones are busy with.

The boys picking the ingredients for their personalised candles. The options are so varied, including several divine scents!
Liam was certainly concentrating hard on his candle making!


While their candles set, they tried their hand at Soap Making which I loved and do so even more since we got home. Their newly crafted soaps make bath time so much easier and they are so busy trying to get to the toys embedded in the bars that they are extra squeaky clean every day 🙂

A great way for kids of all ages to work on their fine motor skills. The older they are, the more they are able to do independently.


The boys recently discovered Ceramic Painting a couple of weeks ago at the Dubai Polo Club (there is a cute kids’ activity corner during the day on Fridays) so when they spotted the ceramic painting at Cloud 7, they were over the moon. Liam painted the most colourful piggy bank (#onlyindubai), while Joshua opted for a butterfly as a gift for his Granny.


While their many, many creations dried, they dived head first (literally) into the Building Block Assembly area where it really is just a free for all for you imagination. Think life-sized Lego? They built bridges and tunnels, slides for balls, baseball bats to hit the balloons with and had a mini game of cops and robbers complete with a jail cell.

The Assembly Block Area is a great gross motor skill activity after the intense concentration and delicate work put in at the Creative Station.

The Creative Garage was our next stop and I thought this was the cutest concept! The garage has two components, a giant magnetic wall puzzle where the kids need to assemble a racing car, and a miniature car that the kids need to “repair”. Joshua bulldozed through the puzzle (poor Liam just had to keep up) and they worked so nicely as a team to repair the broken car by tightening wheel nuts etc.


The last stop and honestly what Joshua had been waiting for was the Interactive Digital Lab. Here, kids get to mold their own Superhero characters, scan them in to the system and then play a game with their creation. Oh boy were they thrilled! Liam managed well with this so I would say if your kids are older than 4 or have exposure to games like Minion Rush (or similar), they will manage this activity well. For the younger ones, they will enjoy the molding portion of the activity and will require mum or dad to have a go at the game 🙂


We spent close on two hours in Cloud 7 and it felt like my two were rushing through everything! This is the perfect place to drop in and spend an hour or three in without getting bored. Unlike many play areas, the environment is calm and relaxing (except when my two arrive in neon orange shirts!) and conducive to getting those creative juices flowing. Parents of older kiddies can enjoy a leisurely coffee or snack at La Pâtisserie des RĂŞves while the kids create to their heart’s content!

Current pricing is as follows:

Standard Package: AED 100 per child and you will have access to all the Play Areas and be able to choose  one activity from the Creative Station.

Superior Package: AED 130 per child and you will have access to the Play Areas and a choice of two activities from the Creative Station.

Cloud 7 is open daily from 10 am until 10 pm and works on a walk-in basis for the play packages but can also be approached for Tea Parties, Birthday Parties and more.

We would highly recommend to pay a visit with your kids (best suited to 4-year-old +) and see for yourself what makes it so refreshingly different.


Posted by:Paula Medronho

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  1. Looks like such a lovely and entertaining space for children and so sure my son would love candle making. Always great to have a place where their creativities are challenged while being so much fun in itself. Can’t wait to check it out with Little A!

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