Better an oops than a what if!

How many times do we not do something simply because we are hesitant about the outcome? When we’re kids we attack life by diving in headfirst. It’s how we learn to walk, run and become independent creatures. Along the way, we suffer failures, we’re laughed at, hurt and saddened and slowly we learn the worst trait of all – fear. I don’t mean the type of fear that stops you from seriously injuring yourself, I mean that niggling self-doubt that pops into our heads when we’re about to try something new or walk into a room full of strangers. The negative talk that questions whether you look like a flailing octopus on the dance floor or whether that necklace is just too loud for this particular group of friends. Well, this week is “Flailing Octopuses Unite” week so let’s try to find that inborn carefreeness that I’m sure is genetic and hidden away in our genetic make-up and dare to do what we want without the doubt. And if it goes a little awry, then, better an oops than a what if!

  1. Five weeks of Boot Camp done and dusted! I’m about to head into the final week of the New Year’s Resolution 6 week challenge and am really proud of myself that I’ve managed to stick to the exercise routine and eating plan! I’ve resisted ice-cream binges by the boys, birthday cakes and oodles of pastries in my weekly jaunts without the grumpiness that normally ensues!
  2. Joshua’s school put on the sweetest Year 2 production last week. He was one of the zany spiders that created the world-wide web 🙂 The kids were amazing, having learnt all the songs which they performed unaided. You could see all the parents swell with pride at their children’s performance!
  3. I spent a lot of time gazing up at the sky last week 🙂 We don’t often get clouds in the UAE and these last few days have brought the most intriguing shapes to our skies. The say that a change is as good as a holiday in which case I just had the best staycation courtesy of the heavens.
  4. Now that we’re back to 2 pick-ups from school, it means there is a lot of time spent at school between one kiddo finishing for the day and the second one’s exit. Thankfully our school welcomes parents remaining in the school which gives the kids a chance to play and run around with their classmates. It gives me the chance to watch Liam interact with his peers and I love studying him while he is immersed in an activity and blissfully oblivious of me. I get to catch such sweet moments between friends!
  5. We finally made it to thejamjar this weekend for the Toy Casting Workshop hosted by Our Big Dubai Adventure! We’ll definitely be back soon and I’ll share all the details on the blog for you. I’ve also now gone from never having been to Alserkal Avenue to having visited 4 times in just over a week. If you haven’t been, grab the kiddies (or not) and head over. There are loads of galleries, coffee shops and other arty spaces to explore.



Posted by:Paula Medronho

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