“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for,” Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird).

This week has been full of some really fun and exciting moments but mostly made up of many a power struggle between the parents and the 5-year-old. So suffice it to say it has been a tough week. This quote in particular speaks to me this week because it is really easy for me to get trapped in monster mom mode where instead of reacting to each situation and scenario as a new event, I enter into it expecting drama which creates this vicious circle of destructive and negative behavior that helps no one. And sometimes, instead of a parent and two children in a discussion, we end up with 3 children and tears. So this week, I’m aiming to be more mindful . To pause just for a minute longer before reacting and to not anticipate the outcome. I’m sure it will also help that the monkeys are back at school this week 🙂

  1. The New Year’s Resolution Challenge is complete! 6 weeks of boot camp 4 days a week and a pretty strict nutrition plan has yielded some pretty awesome results. I’ve signed up for a further  months worth of boot camp so you’ll need to bear with me a little longer but I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon enough – at least the novelty of writing about, not of attending!
  2. I have won not 1 but 2 competitions this week! I am adamant that only in Dubai do I ever win anything. Seriously, I  think that before moving here I could count the number of giveaways I had won, on half a hand. This past week I was lucky enough to win an awesome voucher from Eat Greek in Mall of the Emirates and a stunning dress from Omasi.Omasi.jpg
  3. If you’ve been following on social media you would have seen that I signed the boys up for the Gulf Photo Plus Instax Mini workshop last week. I think I enjoyed this activity as much (if not more) than the boys! They got to play around and get creative with the InstaxMini8 and I loved getting creative with them. We acted silly, pulled faces and developed photos to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” I’m pretty sure I looked ridiculous, but you know what, who cares – it was fun!

    Pretty sure they came close to using up all the film and I may soon need to buy a pair of InstaxMinis!
  4. So with my Dad here, the boys have been trying to catch up on all the ice cream dates they are missing by not living on the same continent as their Grandfather. I think they have had some form of ice cream every single day since he has landed. Saturday however seems to have been the highlight of the holiday as we headed to Ella’s Creamery at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Oh my! Can you say sugar rush! It was hard to look past the mess they were creating but from the giggles and smiles, I can safely say this is their new favourite ice cream spot!
    An afternoon of creating crazy shakes and ice cream is most definitely an awesome day in this kid’s book!


  5. This week has made me very thankful for family. We generally do really well as our tiny pack of four but watching the boys with my Dad this week has made me realise how important it is for them to spend time with the other members of their family. Which has also made me sad in a way because the reality is we are now Expats for life and building and maintaining those family bonds is always going to be hard 😦
Impromptu visit to Legoland Dubai after crazy shakes and ice cream at Ella’s Creamery.

High5 & Happiness Square.jpg

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