A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Irish proverb.

I’ve just had 4 days with a mountain of laughing (and a couple of actual mountains) and while not as much sleep as I would have hoped for, it was all uninterrupted and with no alarm clocks were set! Last year, was the first time ever that I had ventured off anywhere sans kids for some much-needed me-time, last week I did it a second time and while wedding celebrations were again the motivation, the two experiences could not have been more different. It was a crazy long weekend that involved missed flights, almost being blown off a mountain and so much nostalgia I may actually have become 5 years younger! It also made me take stock again of all the things in my current life that I am blessed with!

  1. How could I not be grateful that I have a husband who willingly takes on the role of a single parent so that I can galavant in a foreign country. Seriously, I probably can never say it often enough but I have the best partner in crime anyone could ask for.
  2. Friendships as old as the one that brought me to this wedding are rare and a beautiful thing. Other than family, only 2 people have been in my life as long and with as much influence and the one is that hubby I was bragging about. We have shared so many ups, downs and in-betweens that no matter the amount of time apart, it is easy to slide back into casual routines. It made me very aware though of the extra attention I need to give to those friendships that have not yet been made as resilient and timeless!
  3. We celebrated and pretended to be 20-something but I also managed to squeeze in some genuine “quiet time” as Liam would call it, and just sit and listen to the wind rush through the magnificent trees outside my door and gaze on the majestic mountain towering over the estate. It set my soul at rest and quieted so much of the noise of everyday life.
  4. This bibliophile is bursting at the seams! I cannot remember the last time I read so voraciously! Thank Amazon for the advent of Kindles because no way could I have packed all these books and still kept my luggage within the weight restrictions! It’s taking a while to snap myself out of this reading addiction again though so the kiddies may have to watch a couple of extra episodes of Wild Kratz.
  5. Every now and then I rue the day I became a stay at home mom and everything that implied for me (it was the inspiration behind 318 Days Later) – this weekend I got a glimpse of the life that could have been and the things I said goodbye to when we made the decision to move to the UAE. I won’t lie and say it was easy to look at and laugh off, because it wasn’t and I’ve had to think long and hard over the last couple of days. But think I did and while there are many aspects of it that I miss, we have opened so many doors to so many experiences for ourselves and the boys that it pales in comparison.

High5 & Happiness Square

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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