Absolutely never would have expected myself to be writing about the small, Swedish University town of Lund because honestly not only did I not know it existed until not too long ago, but even when I learnt of it, I had always pictured us traveling to more renowned and cosmopolitan cities with the boys. Never say never right?

My husband had travelled to Lund a few month before us for work as who would have guessed it, his company’s head office is there. He came back with tales of bitter cold, (duh, Scandinavian country surrounded by icy waters), endless hours of darkness (did I mention he went in the dead of winter) and an excitement and eagerness to share it with us that I had not expected. A few months later, we made the impulsive decision to head over to Denmark during the Eid al Adha long weekend (because, you know, cheap flights, valid visa’s etc). Lucky for us, the rest of the world had decided to head to Copenhagen too and so all available accommodation was beyond exorbitantly priced. This pretty much caused a flurry of panic until Wils pipes up that you know, Lund is a mere hour train ride across the Øresund (one of three straits that connects the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean) from Copenhagen. A quick google search revealed several accommodation options (we chose StayAt and highly recommend it if you are looking for a chilled, simple and cost-effective option with kiddies). Which was how we ended up in Lund!

Lund is believed to have been founded in 990, though how and why remains largely unknown. Three things in my mind epitomise Lund, the ancient and well-preserved history, an amazing university and nature as far as you can see. The latter would impress anyone let alone four desert dwellers like us 🙂 When living in a country that did not exist just over four decades ago, to be confronted with something so old and steeped in so much history is initially overwhelming. Old town Lund, still boasts cobble stoned roads and the Lund Cathedral consecrated in 1145 and yet it is also home to the first Sustainable Mobility initiative in Sweden.

Cobble-stoned lanes of Lund
Old Town Lund is a maze of these quaint lanes and alleys with new discoveries at every turn.

It makes for an incredibly interesting trip on your own or with kids, these are the activities we recommend you give a try with your family:


Kulturen in Lund is part of a larger non-profit organisation with various cultural and historical locations throughout Sweden. It has a combination of a traditional in-door museum along with an open air museum featuring gorgeous gardens and variety of traditional structures dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. There are over twenty different exhibitions catering to the entire family. There are several seasonal programmes on offer so best to check directly with them when planning your visit. We loved how interactive all the exhibits were and the boys could enjoy traditional Swedish games, walking through historic buildings and the temporary Pettson and Findus exhibition complete with a kiddie sized Pettson farm.

Kids under 18 enter free and adults AED50. There is also a cute coffee shop with delish home-baked goodies and amazing coffee.

Entrance to Kulturen open air museum
Apart from an indoor museum with amazing displays of weaponry, textiles and other ancient artifacts, Kulturen also boasts an open air museum.
Traditional Swedish home
One of the many traditional homes in the outdoor museum. These are all original building dating back to the Middle Ages. Some as they were originally built and others moved from various locations in Sweden to the museum in 1892.
Inside a traditional swedish house in Kulturen
Almost all the displays in the outdoor museum are open to the public and you are free to wander through the houses and have a look at the furniture and items on display.
Pettson and Findus display at Kulturen
The Pettson and Findus exhibition is one of the temporary installations targeted at the younger family members. It includes the Pettson farmhouse that kids can climb through, play in and role play with.

Botanical Gardens:

The current gardens are the third iteration of the University gardens which were initially established in 1690! This is such an amazing space for kids to explore, run, cycle and have a load of fun. The boys absolutely loved this natural climbing area which they dubbed the Swedish parkour complete with spiders, termites and other excellent exploration topics. We stumbled upon the gardens so probably did not make the most of it, I would recommend packing a picnic basket and make a day of it!

Entry is free of charge and open year round. There is a restaurant on site if all the fresh air brings out the hunger pangs.

botanical gardens Lund
So vastly different from all the soft play areas the boys are accustomed to!
Outdoor play
Kids will be kids!

The City Park

Another of the amazing free spaces for families with kids to enjoy is the Lund Stadsparken (City Park) which is over a hundred years old. Activities in the park include parkour, fishing, handball fields, softball field, skatepark, theatre, observatory and an aviary. There is genuinely something for everyone!

Stadsparken Lund
We had a lovely nature walk which through the park once we convince the kids to move on past the ducks!
City Park Lund
The kids’ play area has both a physical climbing and gross motor skill component and a role play and creativity aspect including this lookout tower and a castle!

We were in Lund and Copenhagen for only 4 days so simply ran out of time to get through all the amazing activities for families. I was honestly so surprised at how much there was to do. If you are planning a longer trip, you should also consider the following:

  1. The Vatthenhallen Science Center – for the science buffs get busy with some hands on experiments or visit the planetarium.
  2. Historical Museum – includes artifacts from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age
  3. Skrylle Nature Reserve – Stunning nature playground, fishing spots, BBQ spots and hiking trails
  4. Hogevall Waterpark – indoor adventure park and heated recreational pool.


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31 replies on “Fun things to do in Lund with kids.

  1. I absolutely loved every bit of this! I was excited to keep reading until there was no more. 😢 i love history..i love places that look like they’re stuck in time. I love how a place can make you feel like you lived in that time..i hope one day i can visit there! It looks gorgeous, sounds amazing and it would be something I’d like my kids to experience. Thanks for sharing this. I think ill bookmark this and read it again and maybe share it with the hubby!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The first thing that caught my attn is the gorgeous picture you used. And the second – the mention of Eid Al Adha and i just knew you were a GCC expat momma! And i confirmed it too 🙂
    Doha mom here!

    The place and the activities sound like fun. Sometimes its these hidden gems that are more awesome than the big cities.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful photographs and what an amazing family focused thorough guide to visiting! This makes me realise how much of a wimp I am with the idea of travelling with my son who is 6! We have never visited a different country together and this needs to change as he is such an adventurer. When I was in my 20’s I backpacked around Finland, Sweden and Denmark and miss the beautiful country. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We first started traveling with them when they were quite young and it was a nightmare all around! Thankfully, they are now older and enjoy the adventure aspect of it more…and don’t need to be carried either which helps! Glad you enjoyed the post.


  4. Gotta love Sweden. The “natural” play areas (as opposed to the synthetic, mollycuddling ones found in many other countries) are something that I love about the Scandinavian and Germanic countries. And my kids would have LOVED the Pettson and Findus exhibition too. Thanks for sharing this with us! #FearlessFamTrav


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