The heart has no wrinkles – unknown.

I am still very much on the nostalgia train after my recent getaway to celebrate a dear old friend’s nuptials. One of the discoveries was that one of our friends has the most amazing stash of photos from about 10 years ago, a period in my life that for some reason I have amazing memories of but not a single picture (won’t be saying that in 10 years time I bet). The biggest treasure of them all is a picture of Willie and I (yes, we’ve been together that long). It’s grainy and mostly out of focus as it was at one of the then infamous house parties, but as I looked at it, the first thing I thought was (other than damn I was skinny) was how we have aged. Hang-on, I mean in a good way. I can see how we have changed. I can see the effects of lack of sleep. I can see those laugh lines and those frown lines but I am not deterred by them. I see them more as a visual journal of the time that has passed and the experiences we have shared. Gives credibility to the adage that love is blind and the heart has no wrinkles. It is also one of my High Fives & Happiness moments this week!

  1. I consider myself infinitely fortunate to still be in the relationship I’m in after almost 20 years! (I did say we’ve been together forever right?) I won’t say it’s always been easy and there have been times we have had to work really hard at it and be very deliberate about our focus. I wouldn’t want to be on this journey through life with anyone else!
  2. Parenting is not easy. In fact it can be draining and infuriating but having a parental partner in crime that complements you is such a relief. I’m glad to have someone around who is able to diffuse the situation by seeing the humour rather than add to the tension. Earlier this week, after a particularly trying day, the boys were in the bath together (rookie mom mistake by the way). There was shouting and splashing and all manner of indicators that all control had been lost so I tag-teamed Wils. Turns out the monkeys had decided to fill the bath to the brim, don their swimming goggles and practise their scuba diving skills. I would probably have lost it causing the situation to escalate but instead was coaxed to find the humour in the situation. Yes, it took a while and perhaps some physical restraint, but I did eventually get there 🙂
  3. Post-scuba diving I got the most amazing cuddles from the culprits which totally diffused the situation.  There are few things better than little boy cuddles! I think we have spent every day this week on the couch all curled up into something resembling a human pretzel.
  4. We spent an afternoon at the Barilla Restaurant Mother’s Day Luncheon earlier this week and I tried really hard not go into Helicopter Mom Mode. I just sat back and watched them interact with the kids and adults alike and swelled with pride at how they have begun to flourish into such independent little humans. I think I’ll save that for the next time they take an inordinate amount of time to get ready for school!
  5. We’ve been bitten by the travel bug again! So excited to be heading to Zurich for a week during the school holidays. Last year we went to Denmark and Sweden for a few days (read about our favourite things to do in Lund) and had such a fun time exploring new cities with the boys and I’m really hopeful that this trip will be similar.

High5 & Happiness Square.jpg

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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