You must do the thing you think you cannot do – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Earlier today, at one of the many Spring Break play dates that have been organised to keep the monsters semi-civilised, one of the moms shared that she was starting art classes. There was polite interest and the immediate assumption that she had an artistic streak and was finally pursuing it while a Stay At Home Mum in Dubai. We were wrong. She is not an artist, it is not an unnurtured passion of hers, it is actually a fear. Something that she had held back on for her entire life because she was shy, scared and intimidated. She had spent her life avoiding art because she assumed it was a “weakness”. Incidentally, she had also spent her life avoiding taking a pole dancing fitness class for the same reason and turns out she really enjoys it. It got me thinking about how many things in life we steer clear of because we have a preconceived notion about how good we would be at it? It also made me think that maybe we are creating those preconceptions in our children. How many times have you said, “Oh, little X is more artistic than sporty,” or something as simple as “You’re not ….. enough to do…..” So this week, I’m aiming to put away those preconceptions, about myself and those around me, and try out at least one thing I think I cannot do. Here’s hoping it ends up as one of next week’s High Fives and Happiness moments 🙂

How has your week gone? These are the highlights I choose to focus on above the tantrums, meltdowns and power struggles:

  1. We spent a rainy day at Motiongate Dubai last weekend, primarily to attend the premiere of the new Smurfs movie, you can have a read and download some fun activities here, but also to have a look at all the fun attractions they’ve opened up. The movie was such fun and the kids behaved – good day all around!
  2. Week 1 of Spring Break is done and dusted and we’ve all come out pretty unscathed! It’s been just the 3 of us this week with Hubby traveling but we’ve kept busy and I think all of us have tried to be a bit more patient with each other. Except that time in the car I nearly went hoarse I yelled so loudly (not a proud moment!)
  3. We ventured out to Posh Paws, a petting farm out in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but isn’t actually. It is a bit of a drive but so worth it! The boys fed the sweetest animals and got to run around on the farm far from technology and screens and malls. Have a look at some of the pictures on my Facebook page. A couple of people have asked for the location so I will share far and wide (Posh Paws Location). We spent about an hour there which is short considering the drive, so I recommend you pack a picnic and over to Mushrif Park afterwards to get rid of the energy before heading home!
  4. As many Dubai expat mummies know, it gets pretty grueling with the other halves of our partnerships are away. It seems to be a Dubai thing, but many families have one spouse traveling an inordinate amount of time. While for us it was really rough in the beginning and we would all count down the days, I’m happy to report that it does get easier and you do seem to develop a second rhythm to your everyday life as strange as that may sound. So keep persisting ladies, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. I can count the number of days until we travel on one finger! I am about as excited as a kid the night before Christmas. I am not entirely sure why as I will be traveling at least part of the way with the boys on my own but I have a perpetual grin on my face every time I think about our trip! Follow on Instagram for live updates!


Please help spread the #positivevibes and #highfivesandhappiness moments on social media by sharing your positive moments of the week!

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Posted by:Paula Medronho

3 replies on “High Fives & Happiness: You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

  1. Oh this is soo important, I couldn’t agree more. I am trying to challenge myself to do things that scare me at the moment, you really find your strengths sometimes when you do the things you think you won’t be any good at.

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