Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost – Erol Ozan.

We don’t normally plan our holidays to death. The last few have been last-minute, spur of the moment decisions and while we have a general idea of options to explore and activities, we don’t really make firm plans until we are there and immersed in the holiday. Last week we ended up in Switzerland, simply because we knew Willie would be in Geneva for work and it made the most sense to meet him there.

I was completely open to whatever the week threw at us, except for our trip to Jungfraujoch. We had planned to spend two days in Lauterbrunnen, one of which we would take the two-hour train ride up to the Top of Europe. It was non-negotiable for me. Enter my extreme disappointment when we woke up on Wednesday morning to fog and clouds and a light drizzle. The absolute worst weather for enjoying (i.e. not enjoying) the views of the alps from 3466 m up. Fast forward to the good stuff. While moping (me mainly) over breakfast and discussing options with our host at the hotel, she pointed out that if we wanted to experience snow, and mountains and the best of the Swiss outdoors, we could always take cable car and train up to the tiny village of Winterreg. Suffice it to say, we had the most amazing time. The boys experienced their first ever snow ball fight and we had a 60 minute walk through the snowy mountains surrounded by nothing but waterfalls, trees and an overwhelming sense of peace. We was such a great experience all around. One we would never have thought of doing it if not for the initial disappointment of not being able to enjoy Plan A. So yes, sometimes, it may feel like you are lost and off the path you intended but it may just lead you the trail you should rather be on.

Snowy paths in Switzerland
Snowy and foggy walk to Murren, Switzerland.
  1. The Spring Break Holidays are done and dusted and the boys are settled back at school without too much of a struggle in the morning which kind of reaffirms my belief that they are super happy and settled in their new school (not sure when I will stop referring to this as the “new” school. It’s been several months now!) Not sure about you, but I always have this niggle in the back of my mind about whether or not decisions we make are the right ones and I love seemingly insignificant events like this because they help affirm our decision to change schools.
  2. We had an amazing holiday in Switzerland and while the boys did get a bit frustrated with all the time spent in the car, we had some amazing adventures and much-needed family time.
  3. In Dubai, the start of Spring is really only marked by an increase in temperature and a drop in the number of blue sky days. In Zurich however, we were hit with the full Spring experience. It was like chicken soup for my soul being surrounded by the multitude of bright flowers, budding trees and full spectrum of fresh green leaves.
  4. Really grateful we only flew to Switzerland and not the US. The boys were so settled on the flight, I got to enjoy my Kindle and tuck into a good book!
  5. I was taken aback by how the monkeys have become such independent, confident travellers. We used planes, trains, cable cars and busses and they are more than capable of navigating all of them with ease. They even sailed through passport control on their own (with supervision obviously, but interacted with the officials independently). I am feeling incredibly proud of them at the moment.

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