If you want to be happy, be – Leo Tolstoy.

In the age of all things Google, there is a vast amount of information at the touch of our fingertips and I’m sure I am not the only one who gets caught in the miasma of checklists, how-to guides and “expert” opinions that do nothing more than cultivate our innate tendencies to over think EVERYTHING. I’ve become more prone to getting stuck in the planning and information gathering phase of anything and everything since becoming a mom, probably because the stakes seem higher than ever. The truth however, is that the stakes are the same, life decisions I make for myself are no more or less important than the life decisions I make for my family and honestly, not making a decision is probably much worse than making the less than perfect one. You can always change something if you do not like it, but you have to start by choosing the something and then doing that something. So this week, I’m aiming not to look for how and what to do to be happy. This week, is the week to just be it. Be happy. No pressure, no goal, no checklist. Just happy.

For me, and the intention behind High Fives & Happiness it helps to take some time to smell the proverbial roses and take stock of those things in the past week that have made be happy, grateful and brought a smile.

  1.  I met up with old friends again this week and as always was amazed at how easy it is to just fall into the easy flow of conversation and laughter regardless of the time period that has passed. Did not expecting a simple morning of frill-free coffee and conversation would be so soul refreshing!
  2. I had an uncharacteristically social week (#IntrovertsAreUs) which also included a media morning with Tishtash marketing agency. This is ordinarily for me both a highlight (because I love catching up with fellow bloggers) and a source of stress (because a room full of people I do not know is daunting on a good day). But it was a fantastic morning discovering new brands that I’ll be sharing more information about soon and reconnecting with fellow bloggers in person and not through news feeds and IG storied 🙂
  3. I did some baking this week for the first time in forever for the boys’ school Spring Fayre. Baking (much more than cooking) is one of those things that just instantly makes me happy but for various reasons (including the fact that I really must stay away from carbs) I haven’t been doing much if any over the last few months. It was great to get out the cupcake tin and bake a batch, even more so when the boys were all smiles taking them into school the next day.

    Home made Spring themed cupcakes
    Super easy Spring themed cupcakes for the boys’ school fair and a couple of extra for their dessert!
  4. We have a full week ahead of being a family of 4 in the same city! ok, so maybe that sounds a bit sad, but this is pretty much the highlight of my week, we all manage fine with Wils traveling but it feels great when we’re all together 🙂
  5. I had the best retail therapy this week and I will not apologise for it! It started with needing a new handbag and ended up with so much more including the satisfaction of buying a top that is 2 sizes smaller than the last one I bought just before starting Boot Camp!!!

Retail Therapy Meme

Please help spread the #positivevibes and #highfivesandhappiness moments on social media by sharing your positive moments of the week! If you would like to read the previous week’s post, please click on the link below:

High Fives & Happiness: Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost.

If you want to be happy, be


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