Put your positive pants on! Unknown.

I recently listened to a Building a Story Brand Podcast suggested by Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site around making decisions when motivation fails you that I found to be such an eye opener. Mel Robbins talks about the 5 Second Rule which a surprisingly simple concept that she has used in her life to see a dramatic turnaround. It’s one of those that you’ll slap yourself silly for not having thought of it yourself. It works to counteract the fact that 95% of decisions you make on a daily basis, from big to small, are based on the way you are feeling at that specific moment in time. That your decisions and ultimately your life path, no matter how logical or calculated you think they may be, are mostly dictated to by your emotions. Pretty scary if you think of all the times you’re at less than your best, have had a horrid school run, missed out on an opportunity or simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Here’ how it goes. When you first think of doing something e.g. going to the gym, getting up without snoozing your alarm or working instead of watching the next episode of whatever; you count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and do it. No procrastination, no negative self-talk. It works by distracting your mind from trying to over think things and convince you to go against your inner wisdom. You know you should go to gym right (that’s your inner wisdom) but if you don’t action it pretty close to immediately you’ll come up with a million “logical” reasons and excuses to not go. Counting down to blast off time helps you drown out if not eliminate those excuses.

So that is my intention for the week; to put on my positive pants and apply the 5 Second Rule and see how I get along. I’m expecting it to work like a charm and will keep you posted but anything that helps me become more biased towards action has to be a good thing right?

Here are last week’s awesome moments:

  1. We’re all moved in and unpacked! We did a lot of donating and recycling which always makes me feel lighter and happy. It’s the one thing about not owning our dwelling that I love about living here – moving forces me to de-clutter and be selective about what we keep and cart around from place to place!
  2. We are surrounded by nature! Living in an apartment in a neighbourhood that is still under construction means lots of dust and very little in terms of flora and fauna. I’m spending so much time these days feeding birds, watering plants and watching the bugs that live around us which always brings a smile to my face. The boys have also been using their I Spy Dubai: Bugs and Birds book more than ever!
  3. The boys have transitioned into having their own rooms seamlessly so no more bedtime arguments about whether it’s a “light on” or a “light off” night (one sleeps with a night-light, the other not)!
  4. The Holy month of Ramadan is in full swing and I absolutely love the sense of calm that descends on Dubai. Despite the higher temperatures and often nightmare traffic, the entire city has slowed down as every is more reflective and mindful.
  5. We had an amazing experience at the Medcare clinic this week which sounds a bit weird, because honestly how could you enjoy a trip to the Doctor’s office. Luckily it wasn’t for anything serious this time but the staff were super helpful and the facilities are incredibly child-friendly so we’ll definitely be visiting them again!

Please help spread the #positivevibes and #highfivesandhappiness moments on social media by sharing your positive moments of the week! If you would like to read the previous week’s post, please click on the link below:

High Fives & Happiness: A smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose.

Put on your positive pants

Posted by:Paula Medronho

10 replies on “High Fives & Happiness: Put your positive pants on!

  1. I like that 5 second rule especially with the gym and the snooze button…. I cant help but think of my kids yelling 5 second rule when food falls on the floor though lol.

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