Looks like every time we head to Dubai Parks and Resorts we discover a new gem! The latest, though a little different from what you would expect, is no less of a kids’ paradise! Fuzziwigs is an old school, nostalgic candy store that transports kids into a world akin to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and parents back to childhood excitement. It literally is a feast for the senses. From the moment you walk in it’s like the outside world vanishes and you’re surrounded by the smell of bubbling caramel, children’s giggles and a platter of some delicious goodie to sample.

Candy selection at Fuzziwigs
Caramel apples, truffles, chocolates and fudge are just some of the freshly made candy available daily at FuzzyWiga.

We first visited FuzziWigs thanks to a competition we entered on The Real Mums Group and because I thought it would be a good way to get the boys out of the house and give Hubby a bit of space to work in peace. Turns out it was an adventure in in the art of candy making as well as a delve into the history of so many of our favourite candy brands and flavours.

Taffie selection at FuzziWigs
There is a huge selection of taffies and similar candy reminiscent of days gone by. Pick ‘N’ Mix is a great way to sample a variety of the loose pieces on offer.

The store has a little something for everyone, from freshly made fudge, caramel apples and clusters to pre-packaged candy from the world over. The boys loves the traditional soft serve ice-cream while I won’t lie that my favourite was the FuzziCoffee (whipped cream, delicious coffee and a thin layer of Belgium chocolate to end it off)! It’s the perfect place to get personalised boxes of chocolate, candy hampers or goodie bags for kids’ birthday parties. If you’re looking for a sugar-free option they have a great selection of both reduced sugar and sugar-free candy (yes, it’s a thing and yes, it’s still delicious).

Fudge selection at Fuzziwigs
A store full of smiling faces and offers for taste tests galore – because how can you ever choose without tasting some (all)!

Warning though, if you are taking the kids in, be prepared, you WILL be buying more than one something and they WILL be full of sugar by the time you leave so either pack their swimmers (if you are heading to the JBR branches) or let them have a run around at Riverland (if you’re at Dubai Parks and Resorts).

Themed gift hampers
Aptly decorated with Joy!

Have a look at some of the fun that was had during our FuzziTour by watching our very first YouTube video!!!!

For more info on their locations and for contact information: www.Fuzziwigsuae.com

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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