I find that no matter how profusely I promise to make more time for meaningful me-time, it just never seems to really materialise and maybe that says more about me and how I prioritise self-care than I’m willing to admit. I tend to need to have an “excuse” to extract myself from the kids and that normally takes the form of blogger events, birthday parties and hair rehabilitation appointments 🙂 So when Nielouphar from Pretty Paper Studio asked if I’d like to try out their latest offering of the “For Me” DIY Kit, I jumped (almost literally as it’s been a loooooong few weeks) at the chance.

If you haven’t heard about Pretty Paper Studio before, they are a one-stop online Craft shop based in the UAE that aims to not only supply you with all your creative goodies but to build a network and community of like-minded souls. One branch of this offering is the “For Me” DIY kits. These limited edition boxes of fun epitomize the concept of “Mommy Time Out” in that they help you create that space (or in my case excuse) for you to stop and focus on something other than the daily routine.

Pretty Paper Studio For Me Kit
PPS “For Me” DIY Kit (November Edition) including String Art Kit (Turquoise Boutique Studio); Hand painted candle and clay studs (Rodrigo Creations); Fridge Magnet (Marshy Doodles) and an organic cotton towel (Earth and Ethics).

Each edition of the kit comes out with surprise DIY project and a selection of locally sourced hand-made and artisanal goodies. The November Edition includes the following:

  1. DIY String Art Kit by Turquoise Boutique Studio There is a choice of 3 designs for this month’s DIY kit all of which are equally fun to do and you can choose to do them with or without the kiddies (you know which option I picked!) You’ll be supplied with the majority of the components to complete the design (including a private video tutorial) but if like me you do not own a hammer, be prepared for a trip to the hardware store 🙂
  2. Hand painted candle and Clay Studs by Rodrigo Creations. This was the first time I came across this amazing artist! Have a look at her Instagram page as she has some amazing illustrations and can create personalised gifts for family and loved ones (and teachers – remember it’s almost time to spoil them too!)
  3. Fridge Magnet by Marshy Doodles. If you love brush lettering and watercolours you will definitely have heard about this lovely lady!
  4. Organic Cotton Towel by Earth and Ethics. You need to feel this Khadi Cotton towel to believe it. It is so soft I’m hiding it from the hooligans!




Therapy in the form of art – creating my String Art Masterpiece

Ok, so maybe String Art is not yet officially a branch of Art Therapy, but I’m telling you it should be! There is something very soothing and relaxing about first venting your frustrations on a tiny nail head followed by the fits of laughter as you realise this is louder than you anticipated and culminating in the steady rhythm of wrapping the string around the nail. Tani from Our Big Dubai Adventure and I chose the newly opened Hamptons Cafe in Jumeirah Islands (apologies again to anyone in the vicinity that was not expecting our musical renditions)! This was the perfect setting, no interruptions, flowing coffee and gorgeous views made for the perfect backdrop.


I was initially worried that I would not be able to do the project justice because while in my head I am the Queen of Pinterest, my artistic talents lie so well buried, some might say they are almost non-existent. The way the kit is put together though, makes it really easy to do regardless of your artistic prowess. You have the option of both a video-based tutorial and a printed out step by step guide so it is perfect even for beginners. Those with more experience or who would like to experiment more can add embellishments and play around with patterns and colour combination so there really is something for all levels.

I’m sure there is a special type of hammer for this – I went for the available and cheap version myself! Works like a dream 🙂
I may have gotten distracted by the light 🙂
The video tutorial makes it so simple to follow!
Feeling pretty proud of myself, until I realised I made a mistake so now I have a very unique piece! Please pretend like you cannot see it!


The final product!


Totally do not look awkward ….at all! And hubby wonders why I don’t monetize my blog….this!


I would, however, remind you that yes, hammering is not a quiet activity so this is not something to squeeze in during the little one’s nap time unless they are very deep sleepers! Overall verdict – the perfect way to get some Mommy Time Out, on your own or with a group of girlfriends at your local. The “For Me” DIY Kit also makes a great gift idea that would work for a teens and adults alike.

Thank you to Nielouphar at Pretty Paper Studio for the opportunity to try out the “For Me” DIY Kit! If you would like to order the November Edition or have a look at some of the previous kits head over to www.ppsuae.com or @PPSUAE on Instagram.

Posted by:Paula Medronho

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