It’s no secret that I am a bit of a bibliophile (is it still called bibliophilia if you predominantly read on an e-reader). If you follow me on social media you would no doubt have noticed that the only thing I hang out with more than the boys is my kindle. Before bed, in waiting rooms, on the plane, and always in preference to TV! The challenge being such a voracious e-reader is that I’ve slid into a very distinct rut and tend to read from only a few genres and authors. Bookstore meandering while one of my favorite activities is a dangerous (read expensive) past time for me so unfortunately, I’ve become reliant on algorithms to map my reading journey.

Goodbye algorithm…

I think I may have just discovered a solution for it though! While researching subscription boxes that we Moms could look at to help incentivize us to prioritize Mommy Time Out, I discovered a local gem – JAF Ink. Primarily JAF Ink is a community for local artists, writers, and readers. They are also the curators and suppliers of the Ink Crate a monthly creativity based subscription box. While there are numerous international options in the category, Ink Crate is only homegrown one and involves as far as possible regionally sourced artists and businesses.


Espionage themed Ink Crate from JAF Ink.


What’s in the box?

Ink Crate box contents vary based on the monthly theme selected, but will always include a surprise book, 3 – 5 miscellaneous items and a letter from the JAF team. I bought the Espionage Ink Crate which included the book Agent Zig Zag by Ben Macintyre (absolutely amazing read), a mini safe disguised as an English Dictionary (perfect to hide treats from kids), a themed glass travel mug, invisible ink pens and black light (the boys’ favourite) and a DIY decoder ring. Previous boxes have included paint sets, notebooks, candles, calligraphy pens and specialty tea and that’s what I love the most, discovering a topic/theme through the goodies collected by the JAF team.

The book safe is perfect for hiding treats from the boys…or your phone from yourself!
Who doesn’t love invisible ink!

How do I get my box?

You can sign-up for the Ink Crate boxes either as a single, one-off event or subscribe to receive your box every month via their website and pricing will vary based on your selected option. The site is pretty simple to navigate and while you’re on it you can also custom make a gift box, order one of the previous boxes or read one of the many book reviews by the trio.

So if, like so many Moms your New Year’s Resolution includes more self-care and me-time here’s a great way to support incentives yourself!

Find out more about JAF Ink on through the following channels:


Instagram:     @jafinkofficial


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