Who says Dubai is all about shopping malls and soft play areas? While these are generally the most obvious and prevalent options, with a little bit of digging you can turn some amazing gems. We’ve just discovered Wild Flight Dubai located in the Ghubaiba district of Bur Dubai – you know, that part of Dubai that most expats tend to only venture into when there is family visiting? Guilty! Except even then, I had still only ventured there once for fear of never finding parking or getting lost or traffic or some other similar excuse. So when I heard about Wild Flight, I quickly made plans with fellow blogger Sustainability Tribe to pack up the kids and visit before the excuses kicked in again 🙂 Honestly – I am thrilled that we did it and will definitely be returning soon once Willie is back!

Shindagha watchtower
Exploring the coral fossils around the al Shindagha watchtower which was originally built in 1939.

Wild Flight Dubai is located in the Juthoor Art Center which is the House of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and houses gorgeous artifacts from days gone by. Tucked away in the one corner of the center are Wild Flight and their amazing birds of prey. We got to interact with owls, hawks, and falcons though neither of the boys was up to stroking the birds though (may have something to do with the way the falcon was tearing into his fresh piece of quail).


The birds are required to fly for the food which would mimic what would happen in the wild so we were treated to some amazing displays by the owls. You’re free to walk through the sanctuary and the staff are more than willing to answer questions and they were really good with the boys.


There seemed to be about 30 birds on the premises including the grumpiest looking vulture called Bones and if you haven’t booked a specific tour and are just dropping in, look to spend about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your kids’ mood (Mr. Grumpy Pants limited us to 45 minutes though Joshua would happily have continued chatting with the team for a while longer).


Through until the end of January, entrance is free for anyone and they are open to the public in the morning (8 am – 11 am) and then again in the afternoon (4 pm – 6pm). Starting in February there will be an AED20 per adult charge which will include a photo opportunity with one of the birds and they will be open throughout the day (8 am – 6 pm). Parking was really simple, there is RTA metered parking directly in front of Wild Flight, alternatively you can take the water taxi through as the Al Ghubaiba Marine Station stop is very close by.


There is a coffee shop on site if you need a snack (read bribery in my case), we, however, chose to walk along the creek and explore the souq instead followed by dinner at Bayt  al Wakeel (delicious Arabic cuisine and chicken and fish fingers for the kids) which was a great way to round up an afternoon. They were thoroughly drained by the time we finished and ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home!


You can reach Wild Flight to make bookings for specialized tours and experiences via the following channels:

Website: www.wildflight.ae

Facebook: @WildFlightDubai

Instagram: @Wildflightdubai

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/hQQaWUooD3G2




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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information, it can be so difficult to pick the original hidden gems in Dubai as they’re not as well advertised but this looks like a superb experience!

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