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Review – Smurfs: The Lost Village

Last weekend we braved the unusual Dubai rain to watch the UAE premiere of Smurfs: The Lost Village at MOTIONGATE Dubai which is one of the 3 theme parks at the recently opened Dubai Park and Resorts. When the afternoon begins with Smurfs’ Vanilla ice-cream from London Dairy and face painting you cannot go wrong! Continue reading “Review – Smurfs: The Lost Village”

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Review: I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds

We’re still happily iPad free in our house and pretty proud of ourselves. Ok, well, the parentals are proud of themselves, the kids are tenacious and have been asking, negotiating, tantrumming – pretty much every trick in the book to establish when they can get them back. At the moment, never, but we try to break that to them in a more gentle manner πŸ™‚ That however is a story on its own. Continue reading “Review: I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds”

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Why we love Kitabox.

The first thing I bought for Joshua when I found out I was pregnant was a set of Dr Seuss books, probably because I was convinced he would pop out with this genetically programmed love for reading and have learnt to do so in the 9-odd months he was just floating around. I think one out of two isn’t too bad πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Why we love Kitabox.”

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The Tutoring Centre – First Contact


Off the bat here, let me be clear, I am not a believer in subjecting my boys to extra academic activities. To me, the six and a half hours they spend at school is bordering on too much and I would rather them spend the time playing in the sunshine. They are four and six after all and when we were kids (oh dear, how old do I sound) reading and writing at this age was neither the norm nor expected and we turned out fine, I think anyway. This begs the question then of why did I step foot inΒ The Tutoring CenterΒ in the first place. Well to be honest, it was not a quick decision and we may yet change our mind but the thought process as it stands is that we believe that the physical act of writing for J is a hinderance, his poor hand cannot keep up with his brain! Talking to him he has the most fantastical stories and intricate plots to recount but place pen and paper in front of him and you’ll get bullet points if you’re lucky and rolled eyes if not. Gut feel (a.k.a 7 years of parenting prowess), it’s hard for him to write things down and the only way to improve on that is practise but I’m no expert and us butting heads at this stage already is not an option so we found The Tutoring Centre.

Continue reading “The Tutoring Centre – First Contact”