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The time we went to Fun City….

Being a Dubai Mom is often synonymous with soft play areas because let’s be honest for several month it is scorching hot outside and even on those cooler days containing your herd is often easier said than done! Prior to moving to the UAE, we had absolutely no concept of soft play areas, in South Africa, it’s just unheard of. The weather is usually pleasant enough for outdoor play and while this play is less often in public parks these days, a large portion of families live in houses with gardens and space for play. Being an expat family means adjusting to your location and finding the gems to help your family adapt and thrive. Continue reading “The time we went to Fun City….”

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Review: I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds

We’re still happily iPad free in our house and pretty proud of ourselves. Ok, well, the parentals are proud of themselves, the kids are tenacious and have been asking, negotiating, tantrumming – pretty much every trick in the book to establish when they can get them back. At the moment, never, but we try to break that to them in a more gentle manner πŸ™‚ That however is a story on its own. Continue reading “Review: I Spy Dubai – Bugs and Birds”