Life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and I honestly feel like I’ve opened my eyes and my babies are babies no more. The days seem to have melded into weeks which have swirled into months and fused into years! Seven years to be precise since I became a mom (that seems like a substantial amount of experience were I to add it to my non-existent CV).  Five years since I became a multitasking mom of two. Two years since I became a Stay At Home Mom in a foreign country (not an easy feat for me, come and see what I had to say about it).  Lots of time, many changes and a plethora of feelings and thoughts – it’s time though to slow it down. It’s time for less fusion, more deliberate and thoughtful moments. High fives and Happiness is going to be a new weekly feature of 5 things that have brought joy, happiness, pride and gratitude in my week. I’m really hoping that this will force time to slow down and bring the spotlight to the things that I say, do and experience rather than focus on the tedium that is the school run, daily tantrums and laundry! Because honestly, we’re so much more than that!

I’d love for you to join me on this journey and share your High Fives and Happiness moments with me under the hashtag #high5happiness! I’ll share mine on social media and here of course so keep checking and if I miss a week, please read me the riot act!

High – Fives & Happiness (Part 1)